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Free Domain Privacy

What is a Domain Name Privacy Service?

When a Domain Name is registered, your contact information is used to populate the Public Whois Database. This is a legal requirement, imposed on us by organisations, such as ICANN. This information can be viewed by anyone using a whois service. Our Free Whois Privacy Service allows you to hide this information, yet remain in full control of your domain name.

Free Privacy Service to protect your information
Our Privacy Service is FREE with new and existing Domain Names. Simply purchase or transfer your domain and our Privacy Service will be live on your in minutes, keeping your confidential information top secret.

Free Privacy Service is the ideal solution for:
Stopping domain related spam filling your Inbox and doormat
Ensuring identity theft and fraud can't result from your Domain Name registration
Keeping away Harassers, stalkers, and data miners
Keeping any "Moonlighting", or side-business identity from being disclosed.

Everything functions as normal and your Domain remains in your total control.
Anything you would normally do can be done with Privacy Service on.

Your Domain Name Registration is 100% safe and secure with Addon Hosting.

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