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Portal Home > Knowledgebase > Maintenance/Upgrades > Scheduled maintenance on our USA server.

Scheduled maintenance on our USA server.

THE PLAN 26/04/2012

On May 1, 2012, from 17:00 til 01:00 BST. Actual downtime for this upgrade will range from 10 - 30 minutes each.

Our goal at Addon Hosting is to provide you with the most dependable and flexible hosting infrastructure in the industry. To ensure the most reliable service, we are planning a maintenance window which may temporarily affect your services. Improvements made in a controllable and pro-active fashion will significantly reduce the risk of unplanned incidents. We appreciate your patience as we make these pro-active changes.

We will be upgrading our server and we will also be doing an architecture change from 32bit to 64bit. This will allow faster & smoother usage by different services on the server itself, and will provide a more stable hosting platform for your sites and your clients. Updates during this maintenance will be provided via this page. This maintence will take no longer than a few hours, your website files and email will be safe and will not be affected.


UPDATE 27/04/2012

There will be some downtime during this procedure as was stated in the email about 10-30 minutes.

The 64-bit transition has been fairly seamless for most of our customers, so we don't anticipate anything other than the downtime for the rebooting that is necessary. If anything does need to be addressed, we will be happy to resolve it after the upgrade. There could be unanticipated issues if there were a hardware problem that only presented itself after one of the reboots, but that would be an extremely rare chance.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this maintenance via our contact page found here.

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