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Portal Home > Knowledgebase > Domain Names > Transferring your domain away from Streamline.Net

Transferring your domain away from Streamline.Net


Transferring your domain away from Streamline.Net

If you want to transfer your domain names to another registration provider (registrar) you can initiate the transfer through your account control panel. The process is slightly different depending upon which type of domain name you want to transfer. Complete steps 1 and 2 below, then follow the specific instructions for your domain name.
Step 1: Log into your account control panel.
Step 2: In the Domain Overview drop down menu, select your domain name and click Go.

Transferring a .uk domain name to another provider

Step 3: In the Domain overview section, click Change IPSTAG.

Enter your new registration providers IPSTAG in the text box provided. Your new provider will be able to supply you with these details. A list of IPSTAGs is available on Nominet's website at The IPSTAG should be entered in capital letters.

Step 4: Once you have entered your new providers tag, click Change IPSTAG to change the registration provider of your domain name.

Warning: Once you have changed the IPSTAG will no longer be responsible for your domain name. Renewals and administration will be provided by your new registration provider. 

Transferring a GTLD (.com, .biz, .net) domain to another provider

Tip: During the transfer process your new provider may contact you at your administration contact email address. You can check this via the WhoIs search in your control panel and change this address if needed. 

Step 3: In the Domain overview section, click Unlock domain and retrieve EPP Code.

Step 4: You will receive confirmation that your domain name has been unlocked for transfer. This will remain unlocked for 7 days, after this time your domain will automatically lock again.

You will also receive your EPP code (also known as an authorisation code). You will be asked for this code during the transfer process. It is used to confirm that you (the administrator of your domain name) have agreed to the transfer.

Step 5 Contact your new registration provider and advise them that your domain name has been unlocked and is ready for transfer.

Note: They do not charge for domains to be transferred away from ourselves.


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