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Can I change my domain name?
Yes, the domain name associated with your account can be switched at any time, you just need...
How do i change DNS with my domains purshased with us?
Login Client Area then click:Domains > My Domain  > manage domain > Management...
How do I renew my domain registered through Addon Hosting?
Login to your client area and click:Domains > Renew DomainsFrom here you can renew any...
How long does it take before my domain is working after order?
If you ordered a new domain name through us, it will take 12-48 hours. Please make sure...
I registered my own domain. What name servers should I use?
Please refer to your welcome letter for the correct name servers. You can also...
My domain is registered via another registrar. Can I transfer it to you?
Yes. While it's not absolutely necessary to have your domain registered through us (you can...
What is domain propagation?
Once you make changes to your domain with the registrar you purchased your domain from, the...
Your company registered my domain name, how will I know when to renew?
We simply register domain names on your behalf. You are responsible for monitoring and...

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