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Portal Home > Knowledgebase > General SEO > Dangers of not creating proper title tags.

Dangers of not creating proper title tags.

  • Pages will compete for the same keywords, this is not a good thing since you want the most relevant page to be presented to the users.  If each page (and title) is unique, then you shouldn’t have multiple pages from your site showing up for the same keyword, the goal here is quality not quantity.
  • Not targeting your audience, this is something I see a lot from people/companies who try to focus on terms that they believe will drive the most amount of traffic.  Traffic does not equal conversion.  If you rank #1 for shoes but your site is about cookies, then sure you will get a bunch of traffic but then the users will just leave, meaning you will not get the conversions you are looking for.
  • Focus on branding and not on the target market.  As I mentioned above ranking well for your company or brand name is usually easier than ranking for a particular keyword.  If you focus too much on ranking well for your company name but are then invisible online to people that are actually searching for a related keyword or phrase, then you are missing out on a very large portion of your target market.  For example a client of mine in the web analytics space ranks very well for their brand name, yet when you type in “web analytics,” or “web site analytics,” the company is nowhere to be found

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