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What is webmail with cPanel?

A webmail interface is one that allows you to view your emails through a web browser without the need for a desktop email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozailla Thunderbird. Webmail clients are perfect for you if you are a worker who needs to check their email regularly, but spends a lot of time traveling between different locations, this is because you are able to access your email account from any internet connected computer although the same is partially applicable to a desktop email client, you can only use one computer since the emails are downloaded and saved to the computer’s hard disk.

Webmail comes FREE with every account!!
cPanel gives you the choice to either use the Horde or SquirelMail webmail clients, once logged into the the /webmail directory of your website, you are prompted to either use Horde or SquirrelMail and this process must be completed every time that you use cPanel webmail.

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